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【#にじGTA 】戦う時。黒く染まる時。腹が減る時。🍕 3913 6/22(土)
【#にじGTA 】💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 2278 6/22(土)
【#にじGTA 】Baseball Bat Saikyou 2765 6/21(金)
【#にじGTA 】Host....? 3087 6/19(水)
【#にじGTA 】Los Santos!~ Let's goooo!!!!! 5219 6/18(火)
【SF6】It's Time to Fight!!! 1892 6/16(日)
【Overcooked 2】この3人なら協力できます。【やみくもやん】 5426 6/14(金)
We Were Here! w/ Ren! 2611 6/2(日)
hmmmmmmmm (Duck Detective: The Secret Salami) (shu yamino nijisanji en) 2322 5/27(月)
I have an original song now! 5604 5/12(日)
Ranked Valorant! w/ Shoto, Foolish, Altare, Claude 2015 5/12(日)
Hell Divers 2 w/ Luxiem!! 2165 5/11(土)
Content Warning with SEUP!!!!!!! 2363 5/10(金)
【エアホッケー】No way this game is difficult 【Air Hockey】 2843 5/8(水)
【EN/JP】Apex!! (with Reimu and Eito-san!) 2711 5/5(日)
Out of Space!! 2180 5/4(土)
Birthday Party!! Games with friends!!!!! 6522 5/3(金)
My New Outfit!!! (3rd outfit) 38456 5/2(木)
Birthday Countdown Stream! 4482 5/2(木)
A Way out Part 2 (technically part 3) 5574 4/28(日)
Valorant w/ @VerVermillion @CassianFloros @LucienLunaris @roscograves !! 2103 4/27(土)
【EN/JP】Wow! Valorant!!! 4414 4/22(月)
OTSU AR LIVE 10205 4/14(日)
shu does the d-word (Dave the Diver pt. 5) 2453 4/10(水)
Let's catch up! 3201 4/9(火)
TEAM BLUE #NIJIEN_MKBattle 3896 4/7(日)
【#NIJIEN_MKBattle】IT'S TIME TO PRACTICE 【NIJISANJI EN | Shu Yamino】 2623 4/6(土)
【迷宮校舎 | School Labyrinth】やみくもやん...3人でホラゲー!!【闇ノシュウ視点】 3110 4/5(金)
Mama Yamino Plays Content Warning! (with new friends!) 2817 4/3(水)
【Supermarket Simulator】shuper【NIJISANJI EN | Shu Yamino】 4331 3/20(水)